Blower Truck Installation

Yard Works also installs many of the products we manufacture. Our state of the art blower trucks are a quick way to lay mulch and also playground surfacing. Yard Works’ blower service can replace dozens of workers and will take only a fraction of the time. Our installers are also professionally trained to apply material evenly, which will cut your labor and material costs in half. And, we also have the ability to install compost and soil to those hard-to-reach areas which will save you time and money, and your back! Our installation services are available to everyone: homeowners, the military, daycares, municipalities, and professional landscape contractors. The blower installation is also especially helpful for large-scale jobs. Call us today and let Yard Works’ reliable and friendly staff take care of you and all your installation needs!

Install Services Include:

Landscape Mulch and Playground Surfaces

Soil & Growing Media

How to schedule mulch or mix soil installation with our blower truck service:

  • Try to call our dispatchers early – our blower trucks book up quickly in the busy seasons of spring and fall.
    The blower trucks can blow soil through the hose about 150′ and mulch up to 300′
  • It is always helpful to know the yardage needed. (Length x width x depth = ____, then divide by 324; you can also use our calculations chart)
  • Know the environment (e.g., low limbs). We also require a waiver for taking the trucks off of state roads.