Premium Double Shredded Hardwood Bark


$30.95 Cu. Yd.
Delivery fees
3-9 cu yds = $50.00
10-20 cu yds = $35.00

Hardwood bark with fine texture. Your traditional mulch!


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Product Description

Virginia’s finest hardwood bark ground to a fine consistent texture, uniform in size and aged to a rich dark color. Your traditional mulch!

Hardwood mulch is made with a blend of Virginia’s finest hardwoods. Ground twice for a consistent texture, uniform in size and rich in color.

When mulching new beds, it’s best to install at least a 4 inch base to assist with weed control and help your valuable bedding plants and trees retain moisture. If a base is already established, we recommend a 2 inch layer.

  • 15+ yards: $61.95 cu. Yd.
  • 15+ yards (April-May): $61.95 cu. Yd.

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